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If you are amongst those people who love to watch movies and series in their leisure time then the app called MovieBox is going to be very helpful and free for you.

MovieBox app is one of the most popular free android movie streaming applications out there. Lots of appreciation for the app because of which you can watch as many movies as you can for FREE. 

Introduction to Moviebox

MovieBox apk gives access to tons of movies and tv shows at no cost.

However, this application is not present in the play store but you can manually download it from our website and can freely install it on your android device.

The app has been tested on different android devices and I can tell you with 100 per cent surety that it works flawlessly.

Want to know more about the app? Read further. If not directly [Moviebox download] it from here.

We strongly recommend downloading the latest version of Moviebox which is Moviebox apk 5.35 as it has been added with some new features like music streaming.

Also, you can go for the older versions too, like Moviebox 5.30, 5.29, 5.28, 5.24, 5.11, 5.10, 5.04, 5.03, 5.01, 4.94, 4.82, 4.80, 4.73, 4.72.

Moviebox is a mobile application which is use to stream movies and TV shows for free of cost for users across the globe. 

It is one of the best movie streaming apps and is almost identical to a Moviebox pro.

This app can be use on any platform like any mobile devices and it can be connecte to smart Tv, Apple TV, amazon fire stick, android TV box and many more.

All about the Free MovieBox app

Die-hard movie lovers don’t have to spend a penny for monthly subscription or tickets to watch the latest blockbuster or series. 

Huge applause to Moviebox apk, which may be the most popular entertainment app out there. 

This popular app is available in all devices including Android as well as tablets and PC too.

What are the essential features of a Moviebox Free app?

First of all, Moviebox apk has quite a few attractive features which will enhance the movie and television show watching experience. 

Just in case you’re interested in how it all works, here may be a helpful roundup of everything that you simply got to know.

Is there Download Now and Watch Later features on This app?

 The answer is Yes. 

The primary biggest advantage is that folks can easily download the films or shows to stream and watch directly. Also can watch when it’s more convenient for them. 

This feature is very essential because everyone does not have it all the time. So they can download moviebox app and can save it for later watch.

There Is No Account Sign Up/Sign In Option

That is one of the good features of this app. It does not store your username or password, making it more secure and safe to use. 

It does not ask you to sign up or sign in by any means. The user can enjoy and start watching content right there in one click. 

Though using any third-party app of this kind is illegal. Please keep that in mind.

Extremely High-Quality Content

The very best advantage of installing the  Moviebox app is its quality. It provides extremely high-quality content. You can watch movies in any format you like, from low to high depending on your internet connection. 

The picture quality is always high definition. So, you do not worry about quality content as per as resolution is concerned.

Also, you can watch every new shows and movie on IMDb. Almost all the highly rated movies and shows are already there. So, do not worry about anything.

Every week we are providing new and latest content

Whether you want to watch one of the movies from the Marvel Comic Universe or other popular flicks, Game of Thrones or binge-watch a series from a long time ago, it is super easy to find something worthwhile every time.

Plus, there is new content every week so it never gets boring. You can stream video as often or as little as you want but any time that you do, you can count that it will be high-quality delivery.

Stellar Streaming of videos

Anyway or by any means, you do not need to worry about buffering. MovieBox will manage quality. It offers very high-quality streaming with great picture and sound quality. 

Wait. What about Ads? It is ad-free! What? Yes, it is ad-free. There are no annoying ads which can interrupt your viewing experience. Isn’t that great?

very User-Friendly Search

When it comes to ease of use MovieBox free is unbeatable. The Moviebox APK app features a straightforward, organized design that makes for easy searching. 

The main interface breaks down movies by Category including Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Documentary and Romance and more.

If you are in the mood to watch right away, all you have to do is take a look in the categories and see if you can find anything appealing to stream online.

There are also curated sections such as Latest, Featured, Trailer and Favorites.

But anything free comes with a price. This app is not available in the play store. You can’t directly install it on your android. Instead of this, you have to find a credible source from which you will be downloading this app. 

Also always check the source from where you are downloading it. Because it may contain some malware or other bugs.

Modern and friendly User Interface

Moviebox free app interface is very user friendly. It has been designe to keep the user’s interest in mind. Also, the app has very easy to use and no complications. The user just needs to install. 

After installation, just search for the movie and it will directly show you the movie on the top and with that the similar results to your search.

No Jailbreak and No Root access needed.

As it is a pirated application, many people think that it must need root access for installation. But no it is not. 

You do not need any kind of jailbreak methods or root access method. Simply download, install and enjoy. Just make sure to download it from a verified website.


Very fast downloading speed- No limits

What? Are you serious? Yes! It is true. You can download any number of movies and web series/tv shows. There is no limit on that. The Moviebox hosting will take care of that. 

Also, it is ultra-fast. You can download movies within minutes if you have a good internet connection.

Unlike other movie apps which take a lot of time to download even if you have good internet. Their hosting lags a lot. It takes too much time to load and interact, But the Moviebox is the boss.

Regular movie updates

Moviebox updates its content super fast. It regularly updates its storage with the latest and best quality Tv shows and movies. 

The user does not need to wait for a long time after something gets release. 

All features are for free

Yes, you are correct what you heard. It is Free of cost. You won’t have to pay a penny for it. There are very few apps on the whole internet which provide the service for free of cost. 

But MovieBox free. Just download and install it on your android from a third party website and enjoy.

features of Free moviebox:

There is something for everyone, from satire to dramatization, children to works of art, and speciality top picks, for example, Korean dramatizations, anime, and British arrangement and television programs. Download now and begin perusing endless motion pictures and watch boundless trailers, today! 

The Moviebox free app includes HD shows and motion pictures each week, so you’re rarely abandoned. We will likely bring you the same number of classes of TV shows and motion pictures as we can so you can monitor your top picks. 

Best of all features:

  •  Get now playing, popular, and upcoming movies list.
  • Get On The Air, airing today, popular and top-rated TV shows list.
  • – Search Movies by name.
  • – Search TV shows by name.
  • TV show’s season and season’s episode information.
  • – movies and TV shows backdrop posters.
  • – Get recommend movies and TV shows.

Not exclusively are our films and online TV shows in every case free and accessible anyplace but on the other hand, they’re profoundly appraise on TMDb. We have numerous classifications to make it simple for you to pick, including New Releases, Trending Movies, Trending TV shows, and airing ordinary. 

This is the quickest, most straightforward approach to discover and find TV appear, film industry motion pictures on your gadget. Find here a wide range of Moviebox classifications: Action-Adventure, Horror, Crime, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Musical, War, Science fiction, Anime and then some. You can likewise sort your films list by Popular Movies, Top Rated Movies, Now Playing in theatres and that’s just the beginning.

You can check back daily (new content added every day) to see new free TV shows and movies that are available for you. Let us know what you want to see added to the Moviebox app. Please enjoy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This APK Fair To Use?

As per as fairness of apps of this type are concerned, No they are not fair to use. These are illegal to use. Everything that there is on this app can be used for free and you do not have to pay a single dime.

Is This APk Still Available On Android?

Yes, it is available for android but it can not be downloaded from play store. Though it can be installed into your computer by doing some changes in your android or mobile settings.

Is Showbox Similar To Moviebox?

Yes, they are almost identical. Both of them allow users to stream movies and tv shows directly on their app. Also, both of them provide everything for free.
Moviebox РLatest and Popular HD Movies is extremely simple to utilize, you can download this application for nothing without enlistment. Locate your preferred films and experience new film trailers with this application. This application has numerous classes. 

Different Classes We Have?

Activity motion pictures, experience motion pictures, kid’s shows, memoirs, comedies, online HD motion pictures, wrongdoing motion pictures, narratives, TV arrangement, Watch motion pictures on the web, home motion pictures, free HD motion pictures, dream, authentic, Horror, Online hot movies, Musical movies, Mysterious movies, Romance movies, Science fiction films, Horror films, Online HD motion pictures, War films for fragments free film.¬†
Great application for motion pictures sweetheart.
NOTE: This is an Unofficial Application. All trademarks and copyrights are ensured for their particular proprietors. Content totalled from different web sources. 

Will The Moviebox Give Me A Virus?

No, the Moviebox free app will not harm you. It is safe as most of the apps that are officially in the play store. But we would recommend everyone to just download the Moviebox app from an authentic source or website. Guys, it is safe. Go for it.

Will The Moviebox App Be Back?

Yes! It is back. Earlier reports claimed that the Moviebox app got shut down. Because of some copyright issue, many people claimed it to be illegal and inappropriate to use.
But in December they finally came out and tweeted that they have solved the technical issue of the app and declared that the Moviebox app is back. 

How To Use This App?

It is extremely simple. Just download and install the app from a verified source and simply use it. It is not so complicated. After installation, just search for the tv series or the movie that you want to watch and enjoy. Oh yeah! As simple as that.

Can I Download Movies And Save It For Later In This App?

Yes, You can. 
It is very similar to any other paid movie streaming application present out there. Search for the movie by its name or sort by categories. Once you are done select the movie. Click on the download button and save it for later. Now enjoy anytime you are free.

How To Chromecast The Moviebox App To TV?

Amazingly, you can Chromecast your movies to the TV directly. The Moviebox app is not compatible with Chromecast but by using another. Hence you can not directly cast the free Moviebox app. But worry not. Everything has a solution.
You can play videos by other Chromecast compatible video player apps and you can easily connect that to the Moviebox app. you may use All Cast or Local Cast app for casting. The VLC media player can also be used. 

Can Moviebox Be Streamed To TV?

Yes, it can be streamed to the TV. 
You can indirectly connect the app to the TV and watch tv series and the latest movies.

Can You Get Moviebox On Amazon Firestick?

Yes, you can. 
You can connect this app to firestick.

Does The Moviebox Apk Contain Ads?

This is probably the most asked question. And the answer is NO. Moviebox does not contain any ads. It is free.

Moviebox Versus Showbox?

Both Moviebox and Showbox are quite similar. Just the fact that the Moviebox mainly appeals to ios users and Showbox to android users. But, both can be run on ios and android.

Can MovieBox Be Trusted?

Yes, it can be trusted. But you can not blindly follow everything. As we are downloading it from other third party sources, so it is a bit difficult to say. 
But if you see the background and history of the Moviebox app, it can be concluded that it is safe and trustworthy.

Can MovieBox Be Installed On IPhone?

Yes, it can easily be downloaded and installed. Again, the app is not available in the apple store but it can be installed from other unknown sources.

Can MovieBox Be Downloaded Onto Ipad?

Yes, it can be downloaded on the iPad too. To solve the issues of Untrusted Developer you have to go to Settings > General > Profile and the Trust the configuration profile of the MovieBox app.

Can MovieBox Be Downloaded On PC?

And the answer is YES! 
As Moviebox is the most popular video streaming application among mobile phone users, we have seen more than 10 per cent of MovieBox users are interested in downloading this application for Windows/MAC/Linux running personal computers. So, you can install the Moviebox app on your Personal Computer (PC). 
Moviebox is primarily developed for android and ios or mobile devices. It is not native to Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. You cannot directly install the application but there is away.
By using a PC application called Bluestack, Moviebox free can be downloaded into PC.

Can You Get MovieBox On PS4?

Yes, you can. 
You can run the Moviebox application on PS4. But you have to use indirect methods to use MovieBox on PS4 too. To use the app you need to install another application called SKIFTA. 
But guys SKIFTA have ended their service. By unchecking the use of internal player on your device. And after you just have to select the connected device to your mobile and enjoy watching tons of movies on your PS4.

Can You Get Moviebox On XBOX?

Yes, you can get MovieBox on Xbox too. 
Just Download Vshare, then go into settings/general/profile, select Vshare and set it to trust it. Once you’ve done that you should be able to browse the Vshare app and download Moviebox. After downloading Moviebox from Vshare, you can enjoy watching tv shows and movies on your Xbox

Can You Get Moviebox On Roku?

The answer is yes! 
You can get Moviebox on Roku too. Just connect a Roku player to the internet and create a Roku account. Now make sure Roku and your android phone are connected to the same wifi network. 
After that turn on the¬†Screen Mirror feature in Roku. Now go to ‚ÄėNavigation Panel‚Äô of Roku and there search the ‚ÄėCast Feature‚Äė tab to establish the connection. Launch the Cast Interface and wait while the pairing happens.¬†
This process may take some time. Now you will see the Home Screen of your Android device on Roku home screen. That’s it. Now hover over the Moviebox app and watch your favourite movies and shows for free.

Can Moviebox Be Used In PC Without Bluestack?

Ye Moviebox can be used inside your pc without installing Bluestack on your pc. How? Well, you have to Run Moviebox on Windows 10/8.1/7 Laptop Using ARC Welder. This is the best way to avoid third party android emulators.
ARC Welder¬†is a chrome extension that can be used to get Moviebox without Bluestack. Just add the extension. Choose ‚ÄúAdd APK” option to add¬†moviebox.apk¬†for windows 10 pc or mac os x. The application file will be installed automatically. Once the installation is complete, now you can enjoy the Moviebox by going to ARC welder extension from your google browser.


Moviebox doesn’t transfer motion pictures in this application. This application is an apparatus for perusing and watching recordings in the open area. 

Moviebox apk can be download and installe by anyone on any device. We do not own Moviebox or any of its assets. This blog has written only for educational purposes.

Moviebox just gives one approach to communicate and all substance is copyright of their separate proprietors, get in touch with us on the off chance that you discover copyright encroachment and we will evacuate it at the earliest opportunity.

Moviebox – TV Shows and Movie application can assist you with getting significant data about your best films and TV appearances. This film application encourages you to recover rundown of the slanting motion pictures and network programs, new discharges opening this week or forthcoming new motion pictures so to be in theatres and airing shows ordinary. 

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