MovieBox iOS

MovieBox IOS

If you want to watch or download Movies, Trailers, TV shows or videos on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) then let me tell you MovieBox IOS is the best. As you all know streaming movies have always been very difficult for iOS users.

But without spending a single penny, you can access one of the world’s largest and biggest Movie libraries and that is by the MovieBox iOS application.

And this is the reason why great numbers of apple users are using and loving the moviebox iOS app with their iPhone and iPad.

When it comes to freedom for iOS users, the movie box takes care of everything. As an Apple user, it is very difficult for you to download or stream videos through your handset, but with moviebox, you won’t need to worry about freedom.

Apple users may also have to pay a lot of pennies for an iTunes store to watch movies or TV shows. But huge thanks for the MovieBox team, you do not have to worry about streaming videos with your iPad or any iOs device. MovieBox will handle and take care of all that.

Before downloading the application it is better to update your device to iOS 7+ version for compatibility. MovieBox can also be run on ios 5+ but it is just better to update it to ios 7+.

Another great reason why one should use moviebox is that it can be installed on an iOS app without jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad.

MovieBox is unavailable in the Apple app store. You can not download the application directly. But there are several methods by which you can execute the process of installing MovieBox on your IOS.

Moviebox iOS is an extraordinary method to watch and stream free films and TV appears on your iPhone or iPad cell phone. For a snappy and simple, point by point, we have given you the most proficient method to download Showbox iOS (AKA Showbox APK) on iPhone and iPad.

It is a touch progressively hard to get Moviebox iOS (AKA Showbox APK) taking a shot at your iPad or iPhone iOS gadgets contrasted with the arrangement of Showbox on a PC or Android gadget.

Although we’ve given a valiant effort to rearrange the procedure in the accompanying instructional exercises. A few techniques are incorporated underneath to cover various iOS forms. In light of our suggestions pick the best technique for finding a working variant and introducing Showbox APK on your iOS gadget.

An Important Update For moviebox ios:

MovieBox application has been shut down by the developers. It is no longer working. But the good news is that the new app MovieBox Pro is now available for download on iOS devices for FREE.

MovieBox PRO is compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod running ios 10+ without any jailbreak methods.

MovieBox iOS support devices

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, 6, 6+, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S,
  • iPad Pro, Air 2, Air, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
  • iPad Mini 4, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini
  • iPod Touch 6, 5

MovieBox PRO iOS features

It can be installed without jailbreak

As you know jailbreaking is a process by which Apple users can get access to Apple’s operating system to reduce the restrictions that are put on users.But here by using MovieBox PRO you do not need such methods. The installation is very easy and smooth. You do not need Apple ID and Password.

Apple ID and password is a personal authentication method by which apple users are given access to use apple resources. You need to log in first using apple id and then can use anything.

But MovieBox has been designed and developed in such a way that it bypasses all. You do not need an apple id or password to use this app. Just download and install by following a few steps.

Unlimited Downloads are Streams

When it comes to quantity and quality, no iOS application can beat moviebox pro. You can download any number of movies, tv shows you want. Search for the movie that you like, click on the download option and save it for later watch.

Also, the streaming quality is exceptionally awesome. You can watch videos in any format and quality that you want. You can watch your favourite movie with ultra HD quality.

The downstream speed of the movie box is also very good. It also adjusts itself to the changing data speed on your mobile and so as it changes its quality according to that.

If you have a high-speed broadband connection then Movie Box is unbeatable. You can watch videos uninterrupted for hours.
Regularly Updating Movie Store

MovieBox is a huge library of movies and tv shows videos. As the app is very popular, the expectations are always high for everyone. The
developers are constantly working to provide greater quality. But they are also not forgetting the quality.

MovieBox regularly updates its movies store. As soon a movie or show gets released, the moviebox app also updates its content very fast.

Morden style and simple User interface

No one likes something being complicated. No one wants to use an application which is not very simple to use. The user also wants the design to be stylish.

And moviebox have all that quality. It has a very simple user interface so that users can become adapted to its features easily. It has a search option on the home page with some latest movies and shows below it.

Also, users can sort movies and show by their interests. For example you want to watch thriller movies, you can filter out all movies that are of the thriller genre.

Compatible with latest iOS versions

iOS compatibility is another issue a lot of applications face. Some apps are compatible with one version but the same is not compatible with another version. But not in the case of MovieBox. It is compatible with almost all versions of Apple iOS, like iOS 10 to iOS 13.


Some other features offered by Moviebox Pro?

  • It offers more than 15000 of movies & TV shows
  • Daily updating latest movies & TV series
  • Free to watch & download
  • High-speed download and playback, No waiting
  • No regional restrictions
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, AppleTV & Android TV
  • No jailbreak, No Root
  • Chromecast support
  • Multi-language subtitle & multi-audio switching
  • You are free to watch SD videos and with paid subscription also HD videos
  • Multi-language subtitle switching
  • Multi-audio switching
  • Daily database is being updated
  • You can download files for offline viewing
  • CDN network for fast video streaming
  • H265 encoding
    Some other cool features include:
  • You can watch and stream latest Movies, TV series, Music Videos and Anime with a huge database and updated frequently
  • Watch online or download favourite videos in HD quality for watching offline
  • Interface is very user-friendly
  • Powerful search tool (sorts videos based on genres)
  • Quality picture and sound options available
  • Video playback resumes wherever paused

Now how to download moviebox pro for ios?

  1. Okay, these are the steps to download moviebox step by step.
    Download MovieBox iOS Without JailBreaking method Using Othman
    To begin with Otham, you’ll need to feel free to clear the Safari site information and history by exploring the Settings and afterwards clicking on Clear history and site information.
  2. After that, open the Safari Browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to this URL:
  3. From there you will have to Install App v3.3.7 to then install MovieBox on iOS.
  4. Then, you will see Moviebox/Showbox beginning to install on your iOS device.
  5. The installation will complete after a few minutes. But, before you can start using Moviebox iOS to watch free movies, you’ll have to go into your settings and there approve the third-party author by navigating to Settings > General > Device Management > Huawei.
  6. Then, click on Trust Huawei.
  7. That’s it! You are now open to using MovieBox iOS.

How to download MovieBox Ios with TUTU app?

TutuApp versatile application installer store is very well known with iOS and Android gadgets clients. No iPhone escape is important to introduce Tutu App nor is pulling essential for the Android adaptation.

When introduced on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android gadget, TutuApp free permits clients to download and introduce other premium and changed applications on their gadgets with no charge.

Notwithstanding offering huge amounts of incredible hacked, broken, and changed games and utility applications, the Tutu App store permits access with no login required. Moviebox iOS can be gotten to effectively utilizing the TuTu application.

TutuApps free outsider applications have experienced security checks before they are esteemed safe to download. This option application store offers exceptionally quick speeds and an easy to use interface. You can even download different applications one after another.

TutuApp likewise keeps you refreshed with normal dispatch discharges including new applications and games.

Tutuapp additionally offers a Tutuapp VIP version that requires instalment of $12.99 yearly since it offers all the more new and selective games and applications alongside dynamic information highlights.

An immense advantage to the Tutuapp VIP rendition is that no advertisements are interfering with your gaming and keeping in mind that watching motion pictures found on MovieBox iOS and somewhere else. What’s more, TutuApp VIP applications are probably not going to be renounced by Apple corporate, so it may merit looking at.

You can undoubtedly get Movie Box iOS and Show Box APK ready for action rapidly with the TutuApp.

Steps to Download TutuApp Free version or TutuApp VIP version for iOS

  1. First of all, OPEN tutuapp.Via the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Go to and click on install TutuApp
  3. Once you complete downloading Tutuapp, go to Settings> General Settings > Profiles > Device Management.
  4. Find the Tutuapp certificate
  5. Then tap Trust this App
  6. After that, hit Install and run TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad.
  7. Now, open Tutuapp and search for MovieBox and install it.
  8. You need to click Trust to use the app one the installation process is complete.

Still not able to work MovieBox properly?

Moviebox (AKA Movie HD/Showbox iOS) has become too famous of late in light of current circumstances. It gives the capacity to stream or download your preferred TV shows and motion pictures for nothing! Be that as it may, because of developing interest, now and again the engineers behind the applications battle to keep them refreshed and functioning admirably, liberated from glitches.

Giving extra servers rapidly to suit their developing crowd is some of the time troublesome, as well.

Continuously make a point to secure yourself while gushing with a decent VPN and make a point to refresh to the most recent and improved APK MovieBox document. Commonly these activities will settle issues you might be experiencing on the Moviebox iOS or Showbox APK applications.

If you’ve been utilizing Moviebox or Showbox for some time currently, you’ve presumably effectively encountered the applications developing agonies and blackouts.

As opposed to attempting to investigate issues that are in all probability out of your control, we suggest getting a couple of other elective spilling applications like Popcorn Time, Cinema Box, Mobdro, and others as reinforcements.

A significant number of these magnificent option applications can be found on the App stores that we have audited and given establishment data to above.

May your streams never run dry!


Does the MovieBox app work on iOS 12?

Yes! MovieBox perfectly works on all iOS 12 devices. To sideload the MovieBox app you do not need to use your computer. All you need to do is, install the application from the safari browser and just follow the required steps.

Is Moviebox iOS legal?

No, it is not legal to watch copyrighted content. But the moviebox app is legal. Also it depends on the country that you live in. The legality is very much dependent on the country from where you are installing the app.

Is there a ShowBox for iPhone?

No, it is not present now. But earlier it was present for the iPhone too. The Showbox app was discontinued from its service and the app is now unavailable.
Even if you still want to download the application then you can but you will no longer be able to see the contents. MovieBox Pro is a successor of ShowBox.

Can MovieBox Pro be trusted?

Installing moviebox pro from some official websites or sources is completely safe. No virus or worm is going to infect your computer. You can install the app from the link below/above because it is completely trustworthy and safe.

Can Moviebox iOS be streamed to TV?

Yes! It can be streamed to the TV. You can directly stream moviebox apps to your Apple TV, DLNA, or Android TV. Only for premium members, there is a native app version available for TV’s.

Is there any MovieBox alternative available? What are the best MovieBox alternatives?

es, there are a lot of MovieBox alternatives out there on the internet in case you don’t like MovieBox.
Some of them are listed below:
1. MediaBox HD
2. Popcorn Time iOS
3. CotoMovies
4. ToonsNow
5. ZiniTevi
6. Box Loca

What are MovieBox Pro VIP plans?

Remember Moviebox VIP doesn’t offer refunds. So just be 100% sure when to buy the service. You can pay for the service just for the month. Also you can activate the auto-renew in the following time.
If you are willing to use the app often then there are great deals for 25% or even 50% off in long commitment only for you. Payments are done via PayPal. On every type of Moviebox app account, you can activate up to 5 devices.
Moviebox one Month package for $3.99 / $3.99 per month
Moviebox six Months package for $17.94 / $2.99 per month
Moviebox 1 year package for $23.88 / $1.99 per month

How to download moviebox pro without a computer?

Okay, so do you want to download moviebox app without the help of your computer? You are at the right place. It is very much possible to get moviebox pro into your iPhone without any jailbreak method which requires your computer.
Also, you can get access to all the free features and can log in with your Google account.
The application runs pretty well on all versions of iOS but it is very much recommended to use iOS 13 or above.


Now when you install MovieBox in your iOS without the help of a PC the app may stop working. The reason behind this issue is that Apple will revoke the installed certificate.

As the moviebox provides free service to download and stream movies and tv shows, hence it can be compared with a BitTorrent style application.

So, you have to be a little bit careful using the service as your IP address is always exposed to the app. So make sure you have installed an authentic and trustworthy VPN service. VPN will relocate your IP address to a different country and hence you are secure a bit.

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